Acacia Wood Flooring – What Acacia is This?

Traditional koa is one of the most expensive and rarest commercial woods in world.

Acacia is really the genus, and it covers a REALLY large variety of trees. Koa may be the species for the Hawaiian version. That’s one. But, you will find somewhere between 950 and 1,300 species of Acacia in the world.

Nevertheless, in 2005 the genus was divided into five separate genera. The name Acacia was kept in most of the Australian species and a few in tropical Asia, Madagascar and Pacific Islands. Most of the species outside Australia, and a small number of Australian species, were reclassified into Senegalia and Vachellia. Both ultimate genera, Mariosousa and Acaciella, only contain about a dozen species from the Americas each….

…Consequently, the name Acacia is preserved for 948 Australian species, 7 in the Pacific Islands, a few in Madagascar and 10 in tropical Asia. Those outside Australia are divided involving the genera Acaciella, Mariosousa, Senegalia, and Vachellia. Nevertheless, there is an attempt underway to reverse the 2005 decision, as a result of be discussed at the 2011 Congress.

(None of this also considers the possible confusion with some regarding American black locust of the Robinia family, which is scientifically “false acacia”…), or referred to as Robinia pseudoacacia

I really believe that the ‘confusa’ model, which is native to Asia, is named after Confucius, however it certainly could be named after the confusion about this wood.

You could also find flooring made from auriculiformis, chinensis, or many others, but most of the market is from confusa or mangium. Often the species are intermixed equally as what we call red oak commercially can actually be a large number of oak species, but more often then not, because it’s a plantation wood, you’ll one species per product.

Somewhat denser then its mangium cousin, it’s served as a ‘pillar’ of the mining community for many years, along with used in charcoal production. Additionally it features a important invest conventional Chinese medicines and is being examined as a treatment for hepatitis C.

Mangium originated from Australia, where it is also know as black wattle. It grows a little faster and has consequently somewhat wider growth rings. Grown widely throughout Asia, where a number of other trees fear setting down roots it’s drought-resistant and grows.

Both make beautiful floors and will provide a duration of use to your families.

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